Hey gals! How are you?? I've decided to do a blog that could help to make our lives easier and hopefully more enjoyable. The world nowadays gives us endless possibilities when it comes to fashion, cosmetics, pastimes, food and travelling. Unfortunately, sometimes having too many choices gives us a constant headache and makes us spend a lot of money (probably far more than necessary). On top of that, it's so easy to get lost.

That’s why one of the things I’m going to write about in here is what we like the most: SHOPPING and all the related ‘dangers’ ;-).

We know it so well, we often think we have found a great bargain and secretly think how clever we are. We’ve finally hunted our dream item down, we rush to the counter or click ‘buy now’ with a mouse! But when we get home we realise that we weren’t actually that clever…   However, we just can’t be bothered to go through the return procedure or simply don’t want to face the look on the shop keeper’s face when asking for a refund. It’s too much hassle, if buying on the internet in a number of cases, we have to pay for the return postage. Finally, we have to be lucky enough to have the right receipt.

Imagine if we never made any shopping mistakes? If only we bought what we really liked at a reasonable price? Let’s make it happen! We don’t need a special shelf in our closet for things not to be worn or stuff we aren’t too sure about. I don’t have one of them any more and it feels good!

In ‘Nothing to Where’ I will share my ideas how to bag yourself a bargain Down Under without losing the product’s quality or its appearance and more importantly without breaking the bank. The blog is to help you in those frequent scenarios when you look at your bursting wardrobe saying ‘I have nothing to wear!!!”. I will present my outfits and hopefully provide some direction, simply inspire or show you that you are not the only ones that have wardrobe dilemmas.

When I first arrived in Sydney, Australia I truly struggled in the fashion department. Most of my beloved European high street brands are not available in Oz as yet (besides Zara and Mango, however the latter one is not that good in here to be honest). Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, is home to dozens of designer brands with price tags to match and bursts with numerous independent designer shops, in most cases far too steep for my wallet as well. High street labels, on the other hand, often lack quality or a good cut and more importantly do not always excite me. They seem to lack this special something that was present when shopping in the UK. That’s why I decided to try harder and look past the shapeless stuff to find real gems. I aim to choose items with a more simple and timeless style, clothes I can mix and mach. I try to accessorize with caution not to overdo it, grab a statement handbag, put on some killer hills and I’m ready to go.

Fashion and clothes is not my entire life though. In my blog I will also write about other aspects of my life like traveling, sports, cooking. I will post photos and hopefully learn how to shoot with my DSLR in the process (I’m completely new to it), so anything really I enjoy doing after work. Hopefully, we  discover together that life can be easier!

lost in the sand like in the world of fashion 😉

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