palm beach dazzle

Palm Beach is probably one of my favourite beaches in Sydney area. One and a half hour journey on a public bus but so worth it. I went there in the middle of the week and fell in love instantly. The golden coloured sand and the azure water with its perfect waves were joy to my eyes. It’s not the busiest beach during the week so I felt like on a holiday even though I was there for one day only. It looks like a perfect spot to learn surfing, the current is not too strong and the waves look just the right height for a newbie. I tried to climb up the sand dunes to get to an old lighthouse but it looked like me and my friends picked the wrong route… girls hey… On the other side of Palm Beach there is a stunning bay – a paradise for every kite surfer.

The entire area is not very commercial, there are no shops, not many cafes or restaurants so perfect weekend retreat to escape from the city. We had a cup of coffee at Barrenjoey House and head back home relaxed, tanned (not sunburnt!) and truly satisfied. I’ll definitely be back, hopefully for more than one day!


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