night time photography lesson

I would never think I might be interested in night time photography. I was wrong (not for the first time ;-). One of my Christmas presents was a night time photography lesson. Worried, as I always am about my skills, I took my tripod (another Christmas pressie), my DSLR, lenses and camera user manual to our meeting point at the Opera House in Sydney. There were less than ten people attending the course all armed with cameras and tripods. We set our ISOs, shutter speeds and apertures and walked around the Circular Quay area for about three hours. We took some amazing shots. First stop was an old cemetery by the Royal Botanic Gardens. We were ‘painting with light’ a technique that required a torch and long exposure. Some people took amazing shots, not including myself since I realised last minute that my filter was really dirty. Then we moved on to the bridge above the ferry terminal and took some long exposure (20-30 seconds) road shots. Finally, we walked to the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal building and started shooting the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from high up. Suddenly, just out of the blue fireworks above the Opera House appeared. Our tutor said that has never happened before so we were really lucky. I took some awesome shots and even though the teacher had left we stayed to take more night time photos. Truly unforgettable night!


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