best birthday present ever!

Hey boys!

Have you ever wondered what present to buy for your girlfriend’s/wife’s birthday? I’ve got the answer for you. Get her a surprise trip to her dream destination or an exotic place. It was my 30 birthday this year (I know I’m sooo old!) and my second half has been plotting behind my back for a while. Excited for a weekend away with friends in Sydney’s Northern Beaches I had no idea what was coming…

On Friday before the D-day he appeared out of the blue with a rose and a couple of pressies at work. One of the gifts was a Bangkok guidebook and the other a bday card with some Thai Bahts. He asked me to get ready to leave since we had a plane to catch. Speechless, shocked, ecstatic at the same time I grabbed my stuff and we ran home. I had about an hour to pack. It was chaos. He would not tell me how many days we were going to be away for just mentioned to get some summer clothes as well as stuff to hike in. I though to myself, hiking in Thailand??? There was no time to deliberate, got my stuff ready and we set off for the airport. Before we went through the passport control he dropped another’ bombshell’. I was not only going to Bangkok but also he organised for me to see my friend in Hong Kong! Wow, I did not see that coming! He arraneged my time off work, all behind my back, bought me all the flight, collaborated with my friend in Hong Kong and for the first time managed to keep it a secret!

If you are still wondering what to get for her (OK his birthday as well) I think that’s a great idea. It does not necessarily have to be a trip abroad, could easily be a spa or a weekend away in a romantic place.

My husband is officially a hero amongst my friends and work colleagues and I think I got a few men in trouble…

Anyway, I highly recommend it, I better start thinking what to do for his big 30 next year… One thing I’m sure, it will be pretty hard to top this one…


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