night time shots – darling harbour

I used to think night time shots are a waste of time. I’m aware now I knew nothing! Tripod is a must so maybe that’s why I was not too keen on it to begin with. Blurry images are not the most attractive ones… I fell in love with it after my night time photography class where my tripod had it’s debut. I was so surprised with the quality of photos I produced. It inspired me to go to Darling Harbour to take more night time shots. It’s not my favourite place during daytime but it’s so colourful and alive when it gets dark! Just magical.

Go and try for yourself!!

Camera settings used:

ISO: 100 – apparently the lower the better


shutter speed varied from 10-30 seconds (long exposure)

Darling Quarter

The harbour with a moving police  boat

Pyrmont Bridge/Monorail


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