must visit in australia: tropical queensland (part 1) – port douglas

If I had to pick one of my favourite regions I’ve recently visited it would have to be the tropical Queensland. I flew to Cairns then had to drive to Port Douglas (our 1 hour trip turned into 2.5 hours thanks to a landslide, never mind…). We arrived at our accommodation around 11pm with no food. Everything was shut and we were too tired to venture outside so half a block of cheese, 4 pieces of chocolate, 1 mandarin and 2 slices of breakfast fruit loaf between the 3 of us had to do. More importantly we had no wine either… Adventures like that just make it more memorable later. The next day greeted us with clouds and rain. What to do?? The great barrier reef trip was cancelled due to the landslide so we had to change our plans. We first went on a trip down Daintree River with Daintree River Cruises On arrival I received a cup of tea, nice touch. It was still drizzling so all the big crocks were hiding in the water but we saw quite a few baby ones, really cute. We also saw a number of snakes, frogs, butterflies and birds. The group of people on our boat was really small so it felt more personal. We could ask our tour guide any questions a truly knowledgeable man with a great sense of humour. After the river tour we dashed off to the Daintree Rainforest walk. We booked it with Daintree  Wilderness Lodge: and I’m so glad we picked them. We walked through the oldest and probably most glorious parts of the dazzling rainforest. It rained for most of our walk. I think it made it more special, true rainforest experience. Most of the rain was caught by the trees so we didn’t get too much rain on unlit the end at least when it started to pour down properly. We saw a number of stunning plants and trees, some of them considered extinct, and we encountered a lizard on our way. You could sense our tour guide truly loved the rainforest, she was talking about it with such passion and fascination. She reminded me of David Attenborough if you know what I mean. She let us taste some exotic fruit from their orchard at the edge of the rainforest and I took some wild limes home. OMG, flavour to remember and the smell to die for (what do they do to the fruit from the supermarkets to make it fragrant free and nowhere near as tasty???).

The next day our Great Barrier Reef Cruise with Quicksilver was back on track so we spent the whole day out in the ocean snorkelling. We went to the Agincourt Pontoon on the outer side of the Reef. I signed myself up for a guided snorkel and it was fabulous. I was in the middle of the water during the fish feeding time and that was spectacular. All the fish literally battling to get the food without crushing into one another or into me. I also took a tour on a semi-submerged boat but seen no sharks or turtles… All in all, a great day. The tour itself didn’t feel as personal, however the staff was so friendly and helpful and knew a lot of course. The lunch was great and there was plenty to do even if you did not want to get into the water.

7 Mile Beach in Port Douglas

one of the harmless snakes on our river tour

mini croc

whitelipped frog trying to look like a leaf

and another croc

the dragon lizard

spot me if you can!

Quicksilver boat

bye bye reef

final morning in Port Douglas

i’m a coconutter 😉

last sneak peak… 7 Mile Beach

on the way to  Mission Beach


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