must visit in australia: tropical queensland (part 2) – mission beach, townsville and magnetic island

Having run around like crazy for a few days in Port Douglas we went down to MIssion Beach, a perfect place to relax. Quiet, quaint and cute. Since I had no time to sunbathe until then I decided to stay at the beach and soak in some sunshine. I don’t know why but the sound of the ocean has a truly relaxing impact on me. You could hardly see any people around and the beach seemed endless. I could not get into the water due to the stinger season so I had a dip into the pool at our motel after I was done with the sun. Fully reinvigorated we set off to Townsville the next day.  We had a small detour (not sure if it was that small 1 hour each way!) en route to see the biggest single-drop waterfall in Oz – Wallaman Falls in Girringun National Park. The road was really narrow, bendy and on top of that not the best quality (a few kilometres in the middle weren’t sealed…. yet we made it). The waterfall was rather impressive, not sure if worth the effort though especially if you are in a hurry. We got to Townsville in the afternoon and liked it instantly. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, a bit of a party place but not too overcrowded. It had a really good vibe. We caught a ferry to Magnetic Island as the sun was lowering down, absolutely stunning. We admired the sunset from Horseshoe Bay (caught a bus from the ferry terminal) and had a close kangaroo encounter, that jumped across the road as we were on the bus. Luckily the bus driver slowed down in time. Next stop – Airlie Beach… tbc in part 3.


Cairns beachside

MIssion Beach


beach crab artwork

happy in paradise

somewhere en route to Townsville

en route

Wallaman Falls

Magnetic Island

sunset – Magnetic Island


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