vivid festival sydney 2012

I was incredibly excited for the Vivid Festival this year. I was in Circular Quay with my camera and the tripod (so fairly heavy equipment) at 5:50pm waiting for the launch. First, I saw the someones shadows which i though belonged to a random person, they turned out to be a part of the projection. Then I watched a female rolling around the Sydney Opera House tiles for a few minutes… Finally, there was some colour! Nothing bold or exciting though but some darkish green with a pattern… Not very exciting at all. I was hoping there would be more but to my disappointment that was it. The only bit that I really liked was when the Opera House roof was imitating sails in the wind. That looked cool, almost real. There were interesting light sculptures or other illuminated installations and my personal favourite was a massive crystal chandelier hanging between the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the Harbour Bridge. All in all, fairly pleasant to the eye. Unfortunately, the Opera House projection is a definite disappointment. I still managed to take a couple of photos. For more information related to the festival and various events go to:


city sunsets in sydney

Watching the sun go down in the city is a great show. Every day is different and exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens with the colours, clouds and the horizon every evening. Luckily, I’m able to see the sun setting from our apartment window so I can be lazy, no need to go anywhere…. Enjoy!

dream destination: Maldives

No where to go for your honeymoon?? Go to the Maldives!! This true dream destination in the Indian Ocean will not disappoint you. Azure water, lots of sunshine, coral and colourful fish at your doorstep, what else could you ask for? It is the perfect place to relax and spend some quality time with your beloved ones. You can relax during a massage or yoga session, sunbathe, go fishing, organise a BBQ at your place with your own chef, watch a sunset or a sunrise. If you prefer to stay active during your holiday, go snorkelling around the island or sign up for a diving course, try wake boarding or just go for a swim. The islands are not the cheapest place to stay but there is a number of resorts to choose from depending on your budget. I stayed at Coco Palm Bodu Hithi and if was absolutely stunning. For more info and prices go to:

Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, Maldives

fishing boat

not a bad view for breakfast


a friendly gecko

water hut

huts at dusk

sunset from the fishing boat

one of many unexpected visitors

view from the bed

one of many stunning sunsets

bar/pool area

poolside at dusk

hard work

water huts

view from the terrace

another fabulous sunset

another friendly visitor to the poolside

where to play volleyball in sydney

Volleyball became my favourite pastime since I moved down under. A number of beaches to choose from, great weather what else could you ask for? I used to play indoor volley when I was at primary school so I had some skills but it wasn’t easy to begin with. I’m a fairly fit person, jog once or twice a week, go to yoga and swim every week so I thought it will be easy. I was wrong (yet again…). It’s completely different dynamics when you are exercising with sand by your feet. It’s so much work, not easy to run or jump. My last training invalid crawling in the sand without using legs or elbows (hands only), then we  ran on our knees and did some other boot camp type things. I could not move the next day. All of my muscles were in agony (good type of pain though). My favourite place to play beach volleyball is Coogee Beach. You have to be a member to play however it’s fairly inexpensive. In 2012 it was $75 for 1 year of membership and $35 one-off joining fee. You can also participate in the trainings where you pay $10 per 2 hour class by bank transfer (minimum payment: 5 lessons, if you pay for 10 you get one 1 so 11 in total), drop-in session is $15 cash. There are different levels available starting with beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced. Go to for more info.

I also play in Manly Beach. This place has permanent nets so you can play anytime and it’s free. The courts are floodlit so you can play when it gets dark too (no excuses ;-))

There are also people playing in Tamarama or Bondi but you must have your own net or know someone who’s got one…. THere’s very little information on the following website so I guess just turn up and speak to someone:

autumn beach time

It is always good time to go to the beach in Oz, even in autumn. So much quieter, even on a public holiday. I love beach any time as long as it doesn’t rain of course. The key thing is to keep warm and put on a few layers. You can still look good and feel comfortable. I absolutely love long, oversized cardigans and can’t live without leggings. Slip on a longer top/short dress grab an oversized beach hand bag and you are ready to go. Ahh, don’t forget your comfy shoes!!

cardigan: all saints – $80

top/dress: living doll – $50

navy leggings: mango – $20

beach bag: thai market – $5

sunnies: sportsgirl – $29