vivid festival sydney 2012

I was incredibly excited for the Vivid Festival this year. I was in Circular Quay with my camera and the tripod (so fairly heavy equipment) at 5:50pm waiting for the launch. First, I saw the someones shadows which i though belonged to a random person, they turned out to be a part of the projection. Then I watched a female rolling around the Sydney Opera House tiles for a few minutes… Finally, there was some colour! Nothing bold or exciting though but some darkish green with a pattern… Not very exciting at all. I was hoping there would be more but to my disappointment that was it. The only bit that I really liked was when the Opera House roof was imitating sails in the wind. That looked cool, almost real. There were interesting light sculptures or other illuminated installations and my personal favourite was a massive crystal chandelier hanging between the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the Harbour Bridge. All in all, fairly pleasant to the eye. Unfortunately, the Opera House projection is a definite disappointment. I still managed to take a couple of photos. For more information related to the festival and various events go to:


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