weekend escape: brisbane

Are you stuck for ideas where to go for a weekend this winter? Go to Brisbane! It’s only 1.5 hours from Sydney (as long as your flight is on time :-)). If you are more adventurous catch a train. It’s only 14 hours…. 

The city centre is really modern and well maintained. It’s much smaller than Sydney so you won’t have to rush around to see everything. The city has a really good vibe. There are so many interesting sculptures and other funky art work scattered around. If you like the nature go to the Botanic Gardens or if you crave more of a beach go to the South Bank. This man-made lagoon is absolutely adorable. It’s full of flowers, cool trees and you get some nice views too. If you have some spare time catch a ferry before the sunset along the Brisbane River to go to the Powerhouse. There are many cultural events organised at the venue, various contemporary exhibits, there is a theatre located in the same building. What is more, the place is a popular location for film and other media shoots. If you are thirsty or hungry there is a bar and a restaurant overlooking the river with a tastefully designed interior. On your way back don’t forget to take a few stunning night shots of the Story Bridge and the city (tripod will come in handy).

South Bank

Botanic Gardens

Cliff views from the Botanic Gardens

Lots of cool sculptures on every corner

Ozzies love their coffee

City views

cool looking buildings

more artwork

South Bank beach in the city

South Bank at night

Story Bridge at night (with no tripod :-/)


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