what to wear in Sydney during winter

What to wear in winter when you live in Oz? Good question. I struggle sometimes. It’s warm outside (20 degrees) but once you are indoors I tend to get really cold. Well, there’s no central heating so drinking hot teas is my solution. Secondly, a scarf is a must, no real need for a winter coat in here but just make sure you have a few layers on just in case. If it’s too hot just take off you cardi or jacket. In winter I normally choose darker colours but I found this great tunic in bright green when shopping at Sportsgirl. I didn’t think this shade would suit me (optimistic as always ;-)) but I think it looks decent. Bright colours go well with more greys and more neutral tones but I absolutely love my fluoro pink nail polish. Pair of skinny jeans and an oversized scarf are my absolute favourites this winter.                 One more thing, don’t forget a cup of the on the go to keep you warm!



top:sportsgirl – $25

jeans: bershka – $49

jacket: jorge – $60

shoes: wittner – $129

sunnies: sportsgirl – $29


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