whale watching in sydney

It’s time to do some whale watching! The Baleen or Humpback Whales are on their annual migration. Humpbacks travel thousands of kilometers from Early May to Late November, between their winter breeding ground to their summer feeding ground along the East Coast of Australia. Be prepared and patient. Make sure you have a good pair binoculars with you or a good zoom lens attached to your camera. Otherwise, you won’t see very much… It’s always nice to get out of the house anyway and walk around. I decided to go to the North Head Lookout (past Manly) last weekend. It was a really sunny day with a few clouds scattered around the big blue. The view was absolutely spectacular. You could see the city with tens of boats cruising along the harbour. I have not seen too much in terms of the whale, maybe besides the water going up in the air from whale’s exhalation and white water breaking around the animal but it was definitely worth to get out of the house. Next time I’ll try to get closer and perhaps jump on one of those whale watching boats!


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