destination: bali (part:1)

Bali, sounds so exotic… Not so much to the Ozzies since it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia. At first, I had high expectations since it’s such a well know place worldwide and a dream for many. Having talked to a number of people (mostly SIdney-siders) my expectations have changed. A number of my friends said a lots of places are full of noisy Aussie bogans. In the end, I had no idea what to expect so decided to go there with an open mind. I absolutely fell in love. There are so many things to do and every day of the trip was different. The plane touched down in Bali at night so I could not see much. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning. My friend and I stayed at Crows Nest, a stunning bungalow in Suara Ombak near the main beach. You could hear the waves crushing in a distance. It felt as if we were in the middle of the jungle with all the exotic trees and plants around. After breakfast, I ventured down the stairs to the beach. It was peacefully stunning. Unspoiled by the tourists, with huge rocks scattered around the sand. Later that day our group went for a stroll to Dreamland Beach. Walking through the bushes and local roads we could see Balinese people busy with farming and other house work. Once we got to the beach everyone was speechless. The location was perfect. Slightly secluded, the water was azure blue and the sand was light golden. Huge waves were chasing one another crushing at the last moment. We went to the top of the cliff and got into a hotel bar for a few drinks. Refreshed and relaxed we went to the Pura Luhur Temple in Uluwatu. We watch a cultural show at dusk and played with the monkeys… I should probably say they played with us… If you had anything detachable like sunglasses, hats or jewellery you should be more than sure one of those cheeky creatures would grab it in half a second. I’ve seen a number of monkeys wandering around the park with prescription glasses, scarves or hair clips. I, for example, lost my hat kneeling to take a photo of my friend and a monkey when another animal came running out of nowhere, jumped onto my back and ripped the hat of my head. I was lucky though since a kid passing by retrieved it for me… I learned my lesson…

Stunning Dreamland Beach

View from one of the bungalows

Bingin Beach

how to carry heavy stuff…

how it’s done in Bali, Kuta

One of millions in Bali, looking cute and innocent here….

Not so innocent here, didn’t know monkeys had access to prescription glasses…


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