weekend escape: blue mountains – leura

I can confidently say I adore the Blue Mountains! I just fell in love at first sight. There’s something magical about this place. So peaceful and full of happiness. Generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of hiking, mountains and bushwalking. I was brought up in a very flat region of Poland. It was too far to the mountains or the sea. When I was younger, I actually used to hate climbing when visiting the Tatra Mountains in the south of Poland. Well, people change…

I was completely mesmerised by the beauty of the Blue Mountains. Everyone seemed so relax and radiating with happiness. My friends and I found this amazing cafe/restaurant/bar: Leura Garage on first day of our stay. Packed with people this place is funky and modern but not pretentious. Their menu is not overwhelming yet anyone could easily find something yummy. The service was great and you felt right at home. For more info and their menu go to: http://www.leuragarage.com.au.

If you ever feel like going away for the weekend, jump on a train to the Blue Mountains. This under 2 hours journey is definitely worth it!

Three Sisters, Katoomba

Our fav place for breakfast: Leura Garage

Poached pear with ricotta and pistachios, yum!

Muesli with super fresh blueberries and raspberries, pure heaven!

One of the best cappuccinos ever 🙂

Blueberry tarts to die for!

Love this car!

Spring time!


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