long weekend escape: Melbourne

Visiting new places is my addiction. I chose to go to Melbourne for the last long weekend. One hour on the aeroplane and you are there. I think it was the shortest flight ever. Since I landed in the evening I wandered over to the Southbank to see the fireball show put on by the casino on in the evening every hour on the hour. I expected something spectacular that would last for at least 10 minutes. Instead,I witnessed a few fire flames being spat out of large concrete columns for a minute or two at the most…. Anyway, Southbank looks really colourful and impressive even when it rains. The next day, I explored a number of Melbourne’s laneways with hundreds of independent boutiques, galleries, hidden bars, cafes and quirky restaurants. I absolutely loved the atmosphere. There’s a great vibe around and people seemed to be generally content and relaxed. The following day I headed down the Great Ocean Road (will have a separate post on it) – totally worth the effort. I decided to go to the beach on the final day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous (unlike the other two days) so it a good choice. I visited St Kilda and enjoyed a jug of Sangria in peace away from the city’s hustle and bustle then jumped on the train to Brighton Beach. It’s only a short walk to the most adorable beach with tens of colourful beach huts lined up along Dendy Beach. Such a simple idea made this place truly vibrant. I could not stop taking photos. I was back in the city to go up the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance to admire Melbourne’s panoramic views. Absolutely breathtaking! Melbourne is a funky Australian city, I loved the trams and wide streets as well as the super narrow laneways. Many people say it feels more European than Sydney or Brisbane. I think it’s more Australian as well as more fashionable and has a great culture vibe, perhaps with a slight European twist.

The thing to remember is bring some warm and waterproof clothes when visiting the city. Melbourne is much colder than Sydney and the weather can change without a warning even on a warm summer day.

Melbourne Southbank at night


Melbourne Coop’s Shot Tower

One of many Melbourne Laneways


Beware of trams in Melbs 😉

City view from the Shrine of Remembrance

Sangria at St Kilda

St Kilda city views

Colourful huts at Dendy Beach, nr Brighton Beach

City skyline

and even more colour…


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