destination: bali (part:2)

Bali… cnd

There’s something for everyone on this island. If you love to surf, it’s paradise, if you’re keen on partying go to Kuta, food is cheap and delicious, people are friendly, if you just want to rest there are many gems hidden away and an endless number of places to get a massage. If you are into yoga and love spiritual places Ubud is a must for you. Arts and crafts are everywhere, catering for people with different budgets. There are thousands of little shops and independent designers boutiques selling quality clothes and jewellery. You’ll be spoiled for choice. I also went for a day trip to Mt Batur while staying in Ubud. I have to say I’m not a fan of climbing but this one was certainly worth the effort. Amazing views and warm rocks of the living volcano, puffs of steam coming out of random places. Simply magical. The car ride up to the track was fun with breathtaking panorama. I went to see a couple of cultural shows. There are quite a few of them around Bali and I would highly recommend going to one of them. I wouldn’t say Bali has stunning beaches however there are few places worth exploring. I mentioned Dreamland Beach in the previous Bali post however my personal favourite was Padang Padang Beach. Crystal clear water, pure sand and huge rocks here and there reminded me of Thai beaches. If you really want to see amazing beaches you have to go to a nearby islands. More Bali info and photos to come soon…

Ubud Balli Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Mt Batur Bali Mt Batur Bali Mt Batur Bali Mt Batur Bali Mt Batur Bali Bali Bali Bali Padang Padang Beach Bali


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