summer sparkle

I’m definitely a bit of a travel addict, not a bad addiction to have :-). Visiting new places is exciting and brings good memories later. My only bad habit when it comes to going away is I’m completely incapable of traveling light. I always take to much stuff, just in case. Luckily it’s not too important in the summer. All the clothes are small so you can take more. I completely fell in love with sheer or semi-sheer tops this season. They are ultra light and cool you in the summer. I’ve also noticed I picked lots of clothing items which had some sort of glitter element or embellishment. I think a bit of sparkle can transform your outfit from plain to chic and stylish. Nudes are still in and go well with white shorts, big bag will always come in handy when out and about on the beach
 and don’t forget your oversized sunnies!





top: tkmaxx (UK) – $20

white shorts: Reserved (PL) – $25

sunnies: Vougue – $99

bag: Charlie Middleton – $185 from $199 (after bargaining)


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