Born in the far east of Poland, lived in the US then got stranded in Cambridge (UK) for 6 years.  Finally, landed in Sydney – the place to be, in January 2011.

Moving is never easy, especially if you decide to relocate to the other side of the globe where you don’t know anyone (literally). It takes time to build friendships, a professional network, and to find your favourite butcher or a decent bakery.

Unfortunately I found it fairly difficult to establish where to shop for clothes! I don’t have the cash to splash on designer clothes and would really struggle to justify it anyway. High street fashion shops in the UK, like H&M, River Island, Bershka, Mango, Zara together with my old time favorites, absolutely fabulous for bargain buys Primark and TK Maxx, were my best friends. Among one of the most dearly missed is All Saints where you can shop for a slightly more individual look. They say Australia is a homeland for numerous independent designers. It is true, however they are not that cheap either and in my opinion sometimes too ‘quirky’ for a pret-a-porter outfit. Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom! Zara has opened in Sydney city this year and my friend sends me stuff I order online from All Saints. Moreover, ASOS.com now ships stuff for free to Australia so I can get lots of my favorite UK high street labels. I’ve also heard that Top Shop and H&M are looking into opening their stores down-under in 2012 following in ZARA’s footsteps so can’t wait!.

Sydney, the city of villages, bursts with thousands of top quality cafes and restaurants. I wasn’t into the bronze brew when I lived in the UK (perhaps due to the limited choice!) but now I do love a quality cup of coffee when meeting my friends at lunchtime. You are absolutely spoiled for choice and most of the city cafes are open till late (10 or 11pm!). There so many galleries, art and music festivals, local markets with quality homemade food throughout the year that you are never bored.

Finally, and probably most importantly (for me at least – an utter beach volleyball fanatic) this place wouldn’t be so unique if it wasn’t for the pristine beaches and an active outdoor lifestyle. There are so many stunning seaside places to choose from and all within an easy ride by ferry, bus or train. You could probably go to a different beach every weekend and enjoy the sunshine, surf or boogie board, kite surf, jog and my top pick – beach volley. I’m yet still to try yoga at the beach – it sounds amazing!

Sydney is your oyster!


Thanks for stopping by!

Sydney Opera House


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