sydney opera house

Sydney Opera House sails are one of the most spectacular structures to photograph. They look amazing at dusk and dawn or on a sunny day when they are perfectly white. If you look at them when it’s cloudy or rainy they change colour to suit the mood. Every angle will give you a different perspective and tell you an interesting story.  I cannot wait for this year’s Sydney Vivid Festival when colours will begin to reign on 24th May until 10th June.  For the time-being just enjoy a drink at the Opera Bar and admire the view!Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney Opera House Australia


sunrise at bondi beach

I’m definitely not an early bird, no way… However, it was so worth it to drag myself out of bed at 4:30am last weekend to witness the sunrise magic. The thing you need to bring with you to get a good shot is your camera.  A tripod comes in handy too (especially to begin with). I try to choose the lowest available ISO (100 for my camera) and set the camera to shutter priority so aperture is adjusted automatically as the sun rises. The light will do the trick. In my opinion there’s no or very little post editing necessary. There’re not many people around so the beach is your oyster. I absolutely love the silhouette shots so people do come in handy. Don’t be lazy and get up early one day, you will be glad you did it, guaranteed!

Sunrise in Bondi Beach Sunrise in Bondi Beach Sunrise in Bondi Beach Sunrise in Bondi Beach Sunrise in Bondi Beach Sunrise in Bondi Beach vSunrise in Bondi Beach

18th biennale of sydney

Summer is just around the corner and Sydney is back to life… not that it’s ever asleep anyway…. With numerous music festivals, food events, art shows and exhibitions there is plenty to choose from. Last weekend I went to the 18th Biennale of Sydney in Cockatoo Island. It’s easy to get there as there is a free ferry service provided from Wharf 6 in Circular Quay every 30 minutes. Fifteen minutes later you get to the island (as long as the captain can park the boat – it took another 15 minutes to do it during my trip…). The only thing you’ll need is time. You can spend hours wandering around the exhibits. If you get tired grab a coffee at one of the bars and cafes, relax admiring panoramic harbour views. For more information on this and other Biennale events go to Hurry, the festival ends this weekend 16th September!

mca and harbour bridge

Have you ever been stuck at home wondering what to do? You don’t want to go too far to waste your time but you fancy something different. Next time you have no idea where to go head to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Located in the Rocks near Circular Quay and the Opera House it’s easy to get to by train or bus. There’s no entry fee to wander around the museum but sometimes they charge you for specific exhibitions. The place has been recently extended and revamped, it’s fun and vivid and some of the exhibits fairly interactive. Once you get tired there is a cafe on the top floor with stunning Opera House and Harbour Bridge views, just perfect on a sunny day. If you have more energy and time it’s great to walk across the Bridge. You can take breathtaking photos and enjoy the views. With even more time to spare you can climb the steps of the Pylon Lookout to have 360″ panorama of the Harbour. Once you are on the other side of the Bridge explore Kirribilli’s cafes or restaurants, go to the Luna Park for a quick ride on the Milsons Point side. Either way you won’t be disappointed and you definitely get enough exercise for the day.

Exhibits at the MCA

Chapel on the other side of the Bridge, Kirribilli

whale watching in sydney

It’s time to do some whale watching! The Baleen or Humpback Whales are on their annual migration. Humpbacks travel thousands of kilometers from Early May to Late November, between their winter breeding ground to their summer feeding ground along the East Coast of Australia. Be prepared and patient. Make sure you have a good pair binoculars with you or a good zoom lens attached to your camera. Otherwise, you won’t see very much… It’s always nice to get out of the house anyway and walk around. I decided to go to the North Head Lookout (past Manly) last weekend. It was a really sunny day with a few clouds scattered around the big blue. The view was absolutely spectacular. You could see the city with tens of boats cruising along the harbour. I have not seen too much in terms of the whale, maybe besides the water going up in the air from whale’s exhalation and white water breaking around the animal but it was definitely worth to get out of the house. Next time I’ll try to get closer and perhaps jump on one of those whale watching boats!

sydney luna park at dusk

Walking around Sydney streets is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you find or where you get to. The city and its suburbs are full of surprises just waiting to be caught on camera and captured forever. It’s best to venture out at dusk or dawn but since I’m not a morning person sunsets are my personal favourites. Wandering around Milsons Point and its surroundings with my girls we witnessed a truly stunning sunset. Even the old school Sydney Luna Park looked magical with its lights on and had this mysterious ambience. I did not have my tripod with me (again!) but managed to keep the camera still.

I ❤ Sydney!!!

Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Luna Park side

getting closer…

and closer…

the Opera House

I absolutely love sunsets in Sydney 

vivid festival sydney 2012

I was incredibly excited for the Vivid Festival this year. I was in Circular Quay with my camera and the tripod (so fairly heavy equipment) at 5:50pm waiting for the launch. First, I saw the someones shadows which i though belonged to a random person, they turned out to be a part of the projection. Then I watched a female rolling around the Sydney Opera House tiles for a few minutes… Finally, there was some colour! Nothing bold or exciting though but some darkish green with a pattern… Not very exciting at all. I was hoping there would be more but to my disappointment that was it. The only bit that I really liked was when the Opera House roof was imitating sails in the wind. That looked cool, almost real. There were interesting light sculptures or other illuminated installations and my personal favourite was a massive crystal chandelier hanging between the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the Harbour Bridge. All in all, fairly pleasant to the eye. Unfortunately, the Opera House projection is a definite disappointment. I still managed to take a couple of photos. For more information related to the festival and various events go to:

city sunsets in sydney

Watching the sun go down in the city is a great show. Every day is different and exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens with the colours, clouds and the horizon every evening. Luckily, I’m able to see the sun setting from our apartment window so I can be lazy, no need to go anywhere…. Enjoy!

night time shots – darling harbour

I used to think night time shots are a waste of time. I’m aware now I knew nothing! Tripod is a must so maybe that’s why I was not too keen on it to begin with. Blurry images are not the most attractive ones… I fell in love with it after my night time photography class where my tripod had it’s debut. I was so surprised with the quality of photos I produced. It inspired me to go to Darling Harbour to take more night time shots. It’s not my favourite place during daytime but it’s so colourful and alive when it gets dark! Just magical.

Go and try for yourself!!

Camera settings used:

ISO: 100 – apparently the lower the better


shutter speed varied from 10-30 seconds (long exposure)

Darling Quarter

The harbour with a moving police  boat

Pyrmont Bridge/Monorail

best birthday present ever!

Hey boys!

Have you ever wondered what present to buy for your girlfriend’s/wife’s birthday? I’ve got the answer for you. Get her a surprise trip to her dream destination or an exotic place. It was my 30 birthday this year (I know I’m sooo old!) and my second half has been plotting behind my back for a while. Excited for a weekend away with friends in Sydney’s Northern Beaches I had no idea what was coming…

On Friday before the D-day he appeared out of the blue with a rose and a couple of pressies at work. One of the gifts was a Bangkok guidebook and the other a bday card with some Thai Bahts. He asked me to get ready to leave since we had a plane to catch. Speechless, shocked, ecstatic at the same time I grabbed my stuff and we ran home. I had about an hour to pack. It was chaos. He would not tell me how many days we were going to be away for just mentioned to get some summer clothes as well as stuff to hike in. I though to myself, hiking in Thailand??? There was no time to deliberate, got my stuff ready and we set off for the airport. Before we went through the passport control he dropped another’ bombshell’. I was not only going to Bangkok but also he organised for me to see my friend in Hong Kong! Wow, I did not see that coming! He arraneged my time off work, all behind my back, bought me all the flight, collaborated with my friend in Hong Kong and for the first time managed to keep it a secret!

If you are still wondering what to get for her (OK his birthday as well) I think that’s a great idea. It does not necessarily have to be a trip abroad, could easily be a spa or a weekend away in a romantic place.

My husband is officially a hero amongst my friends and work colleagues and I think I got a few men in trouble…

Anyway, I highly recommend it, I better start thinking what to do for his big 30 next year… One thing I’m sure, it will be pretty hard to top this one…